The Foster Hope Scholarship allows waiting children in Milwaukee County the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities or experiences that they would not otherwise be able to take part in.

Financial support to cover costs associated with things such as:

  • Lessons or equipment for music, sports, dance, etc.
  • Summer camp
  • Education support like tutoring or Driver’s Education classes
  • Other recreational/extracurricular activities or experiences

Eligibility criteria (must meet all three): 

  • Milwaukee County child under the supervision of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services or SaintA Out-of-Home-Care, regardless of placement
  • Primary permanency goal of TPR/Adoption
  • Able to participate in activities in accordance with Prudent Parenting Standards and based on cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral capacities

How to Apply

  • Foster parents/caregivers can initiate the process for an eligible child, but all referral requests must be submitted to the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families by the child’s Ongoing Case Manager.
  • The scholarship sponsor, The Ridge Community Church, will review, approve, or deny all funding requests.

Download the Foster Hope Scholarship Application Form

If you have further questions about the process contact the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families at 414-475-1246 or send an email to