Education concept. Forged student from books in libraryFostering Achievement: Senior Picture Program for Youth in Out-of-Home Care

Do you know of a young adult in care who will be starting his or her senior year of high school in the fall?

Have they received or planned for their senior pictures yet?

Did you know the Coalition offers FREE senior pictures to youth in out-of-home care who are getting ready to graduate?

Senior pictures are important to all youth! Unfortunately, youth in out-of-home care are not always able to enjoy this experience with their friends and classmates. The Coalition’s program pairs volunteer professional photographers with youth in care who will be graduating and who would otherwise not be able to have senior pictures taken.

Who Qualifies for the Volunteer Photography Program?
Youth who are currently in an out-of-home care placement and who are scheduled to graduate from high school.

How to Participate:

  • Complete the Fostering Achievement Senior Picture Program Application Form.
  • Send the form to the Coalition.
  • Upon receipt, we will contact a volunteer photographer in the county of residence. There are times when we do not have a photographer in the county where the youth is living. In that case, we will follow up with the worker or foster parent to see if travel to a neighboring county is an option.
  • We will provide the worker or foster parent with the contact information for the volunteer photographer.
  • The worker or foster parent (or other responsible, designated adult) is responsible for contacting the volunteer photographer to schedule the photographer appointment. (We encourage you to review our Guide Sheet.)
  • The foster parent or designated adult will discuss with the photographer before the photo session what the photographer is willing to donate (e.g., the session only with digital files, session and a disc of images, session, and prints). It is the responsibility of the foster parent or designated adult to clarify with the photographer what he or she will be receiving after the photo session, as well as clarifying how the youth’s school will receive a copy of the photo.
  • We require the designated adult to remain with the youth participant throughout the entire photography appointment.
  • We would recommend that the participating youth send a thank you card or note to the photographer whenever possible.
  • The Coalition recommends getting prints through Mpix is a professional photographer fulfillment company that provides a multitude of options for a fraction of the price.