Online Safety Tips for Caregivers


The online world offers many opportunities for adults and children to learn and has also dramatically changed how we communicate. Unfortunately, cyber-space is also a place where children and adults can be victimized. Cyber-bullying, predatory behavior, and loss of privacy are just some of the risks. In order to effectively protect children, foster parents need to be familiar with online communication and take the necessary steps to promote internet safety for the children and youth in their care.

Recent research shows that almost 20% of kids talk to strangers on social media every day. Social media is also widely used by children of elementary school-age—children who cannot yet understand the risks. Educating the children in your care, setting boundaries, and supervising online activity are some of the best ways to reduce risks.

This tip sheet includes suggestions that may be helpful for you and the children and youth in your care.


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Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & Families
Additional Author: Foster Care & Adoption Resource Center
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