Mulberry Bird (The): Story of an Adoption


Aimed at younger adoptees, THE MULBERRY BIRD is an enchanting story about a mother bird who decides to place her baby bird for adoption. It explains why a birthmother might consider an adoption plan for her child. Ideal for reading aloud to very young children, this delightful illustrated book presents a large amount of objective information concerning the adoption process in friendly, non-threatening terminology. The engaging story helps children of all ages to understand that being placed for adoption does not mean they are unloved. Indeed, the story of this baby bird’s journey to loving family life explains that for people who become parents under unfavorable circumstances, sometimes placing the child for adoption is the most selfless and loving act of all. (Hardcover, 48 pages, color, 1996, ages 4 to 12)

Author: Anne Braff Brodzinsky
Additional Author: Perspectives Press, Inc.
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