Let Me Explain


This picture book for children 6-10 takes a child’s own matter-of-fact view about her conception by donor insemination and her tight and loving connection to her one-and-only dad. School Library Journal (July, 1995) noted “For those seeking information on an important personal issues, this book offers a good way for parents to open the door to fuller understanding.” A RESOLVE chapter reviewer wrote “I recommend it highly for adults as they clarify their decision to use donor sperm (or eggs) as well as for the children that are a result of that decision…This book will help with these difficult and confusing decisions prior to beginning the donor process, and decrease the isolation couples often feel as they strive to find their own way to resolve their childlessness–in this case through the aid of another person who may be a stranger.” Serious stuff warmed by light hearted two color illustrations from Joanne Bowring. 32 pages

Author: Jane T. Schnitter
Additional Author: Perspectives Press, Inc.
ISBN: 3102
Count: 1
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