Just Add One Chinese Sister


Postcards, photos, journal entries, official papers…these are all a part of the story of Claire’s arrival in the United States from her birth home in China. Claire and her mother are working together on a scrapbooks as they relive the events of their first days and hours together. Claire’s big brother, Conor, had kept a journal as he anticipated the day his new sister would arrive and these entries also become part of their book of memories. The authors and the artist have pieced together a story of joy and pain, of leaving behind a homeland and starting life in a different world as a new family is formed. (Hardcover, 28 pages, Full Color, 2005, Ages 4 to 8)

Author: Patricia McMahon and Conor McCarthy
Additional Author: Boyds Mills Press, Inc.
ISBN: 1-56397-989-6
Count: 1
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