Adoption and the Schools (3 copies)


From tots to teens, school can often be a challenge for the adopted child. Sometimes it’s “”simply”” a matter of educating the educators about adoption, diversity, inclusion, language, and special educational needs. Sometimes you need to go further and tackle deeply-held traditional practices and policies. Either way, ADOPTION AND THE SCHOOLS will help you and your child’s teachers make school a better place for your adopted child. This book offers insights into the experiences of young people who are faced with assignments, activities and occasions which make participation difficult or painful simply because of the way they joined their family. Suggestions for expanding assignments, including adoption in every day classroom activities, and honoring differences in children and families are included. (Wirebound, 269 pages, 2001)

Author: Lansing Wood & Nancy Ng
Additional Author: FAIR
ISBN: J4027
Count: 1
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