A 3-D View of Foster, Kinship, And Adopted Children


A 3-D View examines the “”big picture”” of troubled foster, kinship and adopted children. Eschewing a single, narrow perspective of these struggling children, the authors support a three-dimensional viewpoint. The 3-D approach integrates information from biological, psychological and social dimensions to furnish depth and breadth to the understanding and treatment of at-risk children. This book describes: Foster, kinship, and adopted children who have suffered from “”multiple negative impacts”” – e.g. prenatal exposure to drugs and/or alcohol, chronic child maltreatment (“”complex trauma””), and a growing list of caregivers and placements. How damaging individual factors (negative impacts) add to and sometimes multiply the destructive influences of other factors. Use of the “”bio-psychosocial model”” for a more complete, integrated understanding of multiply impacted children and their mental health problems. Practical design of treatment plans and interventions for troubled foster, kinship and adopted children. 128 pages

Author: James M. Kagan, MD & Richard J. Delaney, PhD
Additional Author: James M. Kagan & Richard J. Delaney
ISBN: M5578
Count: 3
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