The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families’ free lending library is a collection of books, tapes, and DVDs, as well as instantly downloadable newsletters and tip sheets, about a wide variety of topics related to foster care and adoption.

Wisconsin families and professionals are welcome to check out physical materials from our library for free (electronic items are available to all, for free, and on demand). Materials requested will be shipped to you with a postage-paid return envelope. You can help us serve more people by sending along a check for the amount of postage if possible. You may check out four (4) items at a time and keep them for three (3) weeks.

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Tip Sheets

Tip sheets are short informational resources on a variety of topics related to adoption, post-adoption, foster care, and caring for children and youth in general. Most tip sheets are three-four pages in length and include links to additional resources and information.

Communicating About Kids in Care: Understanding Stigmas & Stereotypes

Take a moment to think of the representations you’ve seen of children who were adopted or in foster care throughout your lifetime. Television, movies, news stories, and social media have often portrayed these youth using stereotypes. Children who are part of “the system” are usually shown in one of two ways. They are often depicted […]

What Do These Behaviors Mean? How Children Process & Respond to Trauma

In our original tip sheet, What Do These Behaviors Mean?, we wrote about what underlies so many challenging behaviors—behaviors like lying, stealing, aggression, defiance, hoarding, and meltdowns. And, we shared how trauma and fear are the foundation for these behaviors. Here, we build on that information, digging a little deeper into how kids’ brains process […]

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth in Your Care

Like all young people, LGBTQIA+ youth need a safe place to live, the loving guidance of supportive adults, and the freedom to express themselves as they develop a self-identity. Those who work closest with these youth, such as foster parents and adoptive parents, have the greatest opportunity for impact not only with the youth but […]

Caregiver Trauma & Resilience: Tips to Keep Caring

Compassionate and empathic people often lean toward caregiving roles. But these same traits that make for great caregivers of children who come from hard places also leave you vulnerable to experiencing secondary trauma and trauma of your own. In truth, it can become exhausting for the caregiver. This tip sheet includes tips for recognizing the signs […]

Grief & Loss: Making Space for Healing

While it may take six-eight weeks for a broken bone to heal, or five-10 days to be cured of the common cold, emotional healing often takes much longer. The day an adoption becomes finalized, for example, is a joyful experience; but it may have an underlying layer of sadness for the child or children involved. […]

Foster Care Firsts: What Your Journey May Include

Being a first-time foster parent can be exciting. You have learned a lot and are working on building your circles of support. While you wait in great anticipation for that first child to arrive at your home you’re probably wondering what to expect. We know that every family is unique and every child will bring […]

After the Storm: Tips to Help Restore Calm

As parents and caregivers, you strive to create a safe and calming environment for all members of your family. However, no matter how prepared you think you are to prevent internal family conflicts from happening, trauma storms or conflicts can and will happen within all families from time to time. Your ability to remain calm […]

Choosing a Foster Care Agency

Choosing to be a foster parent is a big decision to make. The process can be emotional and complex and you want to be sure that the agency you choose to work with is a good match for you and your family.   Download PDF

Making the Most of Therapy for the Child in Your Care

Mental health providers such as therapists can be invaluable navigators on a child or youth’s road to healing. As a foster parent, involvement in the therapy process can range from merely providing transportation to sitting in on sessions and assisting in developing therapy goals. The child in your care may have a long-standing relationship with […]