The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families’ free lending library is a collection of books, tapes, and DVDs, as well as instantly downloadable newsletters and tip sheets, about a wide variety of topics related to foster care and adoption.

Wisconsin families and professionals are welcome to check out physical materials from our library for free (electronic items are available to all, for free, and on demand). Materials requested will be shipped to you with a postage-paid return envelope. You can help us serve more people by sending along a check for the amount of postage if possible. You may check out four (4) items at a time and keep them for three (3) weeks.

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Partners Newsletter

We publish the Partners newsletter three times a year. Each issue focuses on a specific theme or topic related to foster care and/or adoption, and includes articles, resources, success stories and more for readers. Partners can be downloaded and printed for easy sharing. If you would like to be notified via email when a new issue has been published, please join our Partners Newsletter mailing list.

Partners Newsletter: Making an Impact–Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Making an Impact: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow The Partners newsletter was first published in 1997. At the time, we mailed out each edition and the mailing list grew to total over 20,000 at one point! As technology changed, the way people looked for and received information changed and we, too, changed by creating PDFs instead […]

Partners: Transracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption In this issue of Partners, we’re tackling a tough topic. We are talking about race and parenting children and youth transracially. It’s a subject that can be challenging—certainly for us to write and talk about, and for many others to read about and live with. We know that, when it comes to foster […]

Partners: On Trauma

On Trauma Some years ago, we spent an entire year focusing on the topic of trauma. So much has changed in the intervening years that we thought it was time to turn our attention back to trauma for this Winter 2019 edition of Partners. As adoptive and foster parents, you are truly on the front line of […]

Partners: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Family

Meeting the Needs of the Whole Family We chose to write about the impact of what it means to champion a child who has been touched by foster care and/or adoption because we know that sometimes the extra love needed is for yourself. The energy it takes to regularly ride the roller coaster of behaviors, […]

Partners: Coalition 101

Coalition for Children, Youth & Families 101 We often find that, depending on who you are and how you have come to know us, you may or may not know everything we have to offer. Also, we know so many of you are our “champions,” the folks who let others know that we are a […]

Partners: Caring for Children & Youth with Special Needs

Caring for Children & Youth with Special Needs This issue includes articles and resources for those who are caring for children and youth with special needs. Articles include: Wrapped in the Unconditional Love of Family The Importance of Self-care when Caring for a Child with Special Needs The Trauma Mask Preparing for a Less-than-kind World […]

Partners: Building Networks of Support

Building Networks of Support and Care In this issue of Partners, we chose to focus on building networks of support and care around you. We know that no one can exactly understand anyone’s specific journey or stress, but families built through adoption and foster care share some similar experiences, and it can be very important to know […]

Partners: Focus on Fathers

Focus on Fathers This issue of Partners focuses on the theme of fatherhood. We wanted to write about this topic because we know that the significant role a father can play in the life of his children is not always discussed, and we want to acknowledge that men are taking on more and more active roles in the lives of […]

Partners: Siblings

Siblings After reviewing the articles for this issue of Partners, I found this quote on Pinterest that, to me, wonderfully summed up and described the challenges faced by many children and youth touched by foster care or adoption: “Siblings are supposed to be there for you from cradle to grave. Relationships with them are most […]

Partners: Kinship Care

Kinship Care We are dedicating this issue to all the wonderful relatives who step up and care for their kin. Over the past five or more years, a greater emphasis has been placed on keeping children connected to their birth families. And we know that many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and older siblings have answered the call to help, […]