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Author: Lorri Antosz Benson
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To Have and Not to Hold

When Lorri Antosz Benson, a 24-year-old successful producer for a groundbreaking national television show, finds herself in an impossible situation, she digs deep and faces the heartbreaking reality that the best choice for her beloved new baby is to be raised by someone else. To Have and Not to Hold is the poignant account of […]

Tips for International Adoption Travel

The day has finally come that you, and perhaps your family, will travel for that most exciting trip—the trip where you bring your child home! This may be thrilling, scary, and exhausting all at the same time. This tip sheet includes insights, things to consider, and suggestions to help you prepare and travel well.   […]

Partners: Transracial Adoption

Transracial Adoption In this issue of Partners, we’re tackling a tough topic. We are talking about race and parenting children and youth transracially. It’s a subject that can be challenging—certainly for us to write and talk about, and for many others to read about and live with. We know that, when it comes to foster […]

FAW: Transracial Parenting

Transracial Parenting Talking about race can be a tough conversation; but it’s an important topic, especially for foster and adoptive parents. We hope the articles in this edition of Fostering Across Wisconsin will be helpful as you support and advocate for the children of color in your care. This issue includes the following articles: Not […]

Partners: On Trauma

On Trauma Some years ago, we spent an entire year focusing on the topic of trauma. So much has changed in the intervening years that we thought it was time to turn our attention back to trauma for this Winter 2019 edition of Partners. As adoptive and foster parents, you are truly on the front line of […]

Fostering Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Fostering a child or youth with special health care needs can be both incredibly rewarding and challenging. One of the first steps in this journey is learning how to navigate the health care system and how to access community resources. This can take time, energy, and patience, but these initial investments will have beneficial results: […]

FAW: On Trauma

On Trauma Today, more than ever before, foster and adoptive parents are learning, hearing, and dealing with the impacts of trauma on youth and young adults and how they can help those who have experienced trauma react, respond, and heal. This edition of Fostering Across Wisconsin includes articles titled: Forecasting the Unknown: Possible Long-term Effects of […]

Helping Children Cope with Loss

As foster parents, you do your best to nurture the children in your care, knowing they have experienced loss that affects them deeply. Understanding loss and how it shapes children allows you to do a better job of parenting them in a way that promotes their healing. Download the tip sheet Author: Coalition for Children, […]

Parenting Siblings Connected through Trauma

Trauma can have an impact on a child’s physiology, emotions, ability to think, learn, and concentrate, impulse control, self-image, and relationships with others, including their relationships with their siblings. These complex emotional bonds can lead siblings to resort to acting out their feelings, rather than talking about their feelings. This tip sheet includes information about […]