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The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families’ free lending library is a collection of books, tapes, and DVDs, as well as instantly downloadable newsletters and tip sheets, about a wide variety of topics related to foster care and adoption.

Wisconsin families and professionals are welcome to check out physical materials from our library for free (electronic items are available to all, for free, and on demand). Materials requested will be shipped to you with a postage-paid return envelope. You can help us serve more people by sending along a check for the amount of postage if possible. You may check out four (4) items at a time and keep them for three (3) weeks.

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Grief & Loss: Making Space for Healing

While it may take six-eight weeks for a broken bone to heal, or five-10 days to be cured of the common cold, emotional healing often takes much longer. The day an adoption becomes finalized, for example, is a joyful experience; but it may have an underlying layer of sadness for the child or children involved. […]

FAW: Coping with Uncertainty

The uncertainty of our current times creates the stress of the unknown for all families, and that can’t help but affect children in care. We understand that many families are facing major changes in their day-to-day lives because of the coronavirus pandemic. With all the unknowns, it is absolutely understandable to feel anxious about the “what […]

Foster Care Firsts: What Your Journey May Include

Being a first-time foster parent can be exciting. You have learned a lot and are working on building your circles of support. While you wait in great anticipation for that first child to arrive at your home you’re probably wondering what to expect. We know that every family is unique and every child will bring […]

FAW: School Tools

School Tools So much has changed–and will likely continue to change–around school issues in 2020. As we work together to address those new changes as they arise, there are some topics that remain top of mind for those parenting school-aged children in out-of-home care. We hope this issue provides some tips, insights, and guidance to […]

After the Storm: Tips to Help Restore Calm

As parents and caregivers, you strive to create a safe and calming environment for all members of your family. However, no matter how prepared you think you are to prevent internal family conflicts from happening, trauma storms or conflicts can and will happen within all families from time to time. Your ability to remain calm […]

FAW: Sibling Relationships

Sibling Relationships We can all play a role in supporting child well-being and sibling relationships. Simply recognizing how crucial and beneficial those relationships are and doing our best to encourage and strengthen the bonds between siblings is a wonderful and vitally important first step. Articles included are titled: The Importance of Maintaining Sibling Relationships for […]

Choosing a Foster Care Agency

Choosing to be a foster parent is a big decision to make. The process can be emotional and complex and you want to be sure that the agency you choose to work with is a good match for you and your family.   Download PDF

FAW: Relatives Caring for Children

Relatives Caring for Children While relative placements maintain crucial family/cultural connections and produce the best possible outcomes for children needing out of home care, relative caregiving can have a dramatic impact on the daily life of caregivers. For this issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin, we talked to some caregivers about how becoming and being a relative caregiver has […]

Partners Newsletter: Making an Impact–Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Making an Impact: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow The Partners newsletter was first published in 1997. At the time, we mailed out each edition and the mailing list grew to total over 20,000 at one point! As technology changed, the way people looked for and received information changed and we, too, changed by creating PDFs instead […]

Making the Most of Therapy for the Child in Your Care

Mental health providers such as therapists can be invaluable navigators on a child or youth’s road to healing. As a foster parent, involvement in the therapy process can range from merely providing transportation to sitting in on sessions and assisting in developing therapy goals. The child in your care may have a long-standing relationship with […]