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Author: Avery Hunter
Additional Author: Mary Huron Hunter
ISBN: 9781732223004
Call Number: K-HUN
Count: 1

My Fairy Birthmother

Written by an adoptive mother and child, My Fairy Birthmother is a one-of-a-kind adoption storybook that invites young readers to embrace and heal the inherent loss around adoption with new eyes, a renewed spirit and a hopeful heart. Because the story is told from the child’s point of view, My Fairy Birthmother gives children validation […]

Little Meerkat’s Big Panic – A story about learning new ways to feel calm

This playful full-color storybook shows children aged 2-6 easy ways for them to calm their body and brain when feeling anxious. It also includes guidance for parents or professionals on the neuroscience behind the strategies, and how they can use the book to help children. (40 pages, 2016) Author: Jane EvansISBN: 978-1-78592-703-4Call Number: K-EVACount: 1

Partners: Coalition 101

Coalition for Children, Youth & Families 101 We often find that, depending on who you are and how you have come to know us, you may or may not know everything we have to offer. Also, we know so many of you are our “champions,” the folks who let others know that we are a […]

FAW: Foster Parent Champions

Foster Parent Champions For most of us, making a major life decision involves gathering the opinions and input of a lot of different people. Sure, we turn to “the experts” and we do the research. But we also ask our family members and our friends for their thoughts—especially if those people in our circle of […]

Setting Healthy Boundaries Between Birth and Foster Families

Boundaries are essential in any kind of relationship—between parents and children, friends, employers and employees, and certainly between foster families and birth families. Simply stated, a boundary is anything that separates two things. For the purposes of communication and relationships, setting healthy boundaries means talking about what is and is not okay. Taking the time […]

Self-Harming Behaviors: How You Can Help Your Child

Perhaps one of our greatest instincts as parents is to protect our children from harm. That’s why it can be particularly disturbing when you discover your child is self-harming. What could possibly cause a child to intentionally hurt themselves? More importantly, is there anything you can do to prevent it from happening?   Download PDF […]

Wisconsin Waiver Services for Children Post-Adoption

Children with developmental, physical, and emotional disabilities may qualify for Wisconsin’s Waiver Programs. This tip sheet provides a basic overview of those programs and how to find out of your child qualifies for any of the waiver programs.   Download PDF   Author: Coalition for Children, Youth & FamiliesAdditional Author: Post Adoption Resource Center of […]

Depression in Teens Who Were Adopted: What Families Need to Know

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is considered typical teenage behavior and what requires some extra attention. This tip sheet focuses on whether your teen may be going through a temporary phase or, instead, may be suffering from teen depression. Included are a definition of depression, some potential risk factors to be aware of, and […]