As foster care providers, you may sometimes need more support, information, and resources specifically for the youth in your care. We prepared the links and information below for you to read and pass along, or as a source of information for youth in out-of-home care directly.

  • Identity Theft: The possibility of identity theft is a growing issue nationwide. Thankfully, Wisconsin ranks fairly low on the national list of cases of identity theft; however, even one case is too many. The Wisconsin Department of Children & Families has a PDF publication dedicated to this issue.
  • Organizations for Youth
  • Other Helpful Websites for Youth
  • Scholarship Information
  • Stories for Youth in Care
  • Wisconsin Youth Advisory Council: One of the most unique organizations for youth in Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Youth Advisory Council. Their mission is to inspire change by providing education, advocacy, support, training, and awareness to governmental systems and the general public to better the image of youth by addressing the issues on behalf of current and former youth in foster care in Wisconsin. To learn more about the Wisconsin Youth Advisory Council, please visit their Facebook page.