Understanding Abuse & Neglect

Parenting Children who are Sexualized

Sexual abuse is regrettably a common experience for many children in the foster care system. This tip sheet helps you to recognize and understand some feelings you may be having as a caregiver and some of the feelings the child in your care may be having as well.

Working with Children who have been Traumatized

Children in care have experienced trauma, whether from witnessing or experiencing abuse and/or being separated from their parental home. There are several ways children show signs of trauma. Here we offer some common signs/symptoms of trauma and offer some ideas on how to help you and your child deal with their trauma experiences.

Recognizing and Reacting to Trauma Triggers

Have you ever parented a child who would have an extremely over-the-top response to the littlest thing? Whose response was so disproportionate to the activity that you had to ask yourself, “what is going on?” Many times, responses such as these, that don’t match the event, are a response to what is known as a “trauma trigger.”

Coming Out of the Dark: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children & Youth

It can sometimes be difficult to know for certain if a child in your care has witnessed domestic violence. Being able to listen openly, as a caregiver, can be important for a child to share their experience and to help him or her build trust with you.

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