Taking Care of Yourself

Being a Sensational Single Parent

Being a single parent can often be stressful, demanding, and hectic. This tip sheet takes a look at both the challenges and benefits of single parenting and offers tips, information, and resources on being the best parent you can be for your child.

The Balance Beam of Life: Caring for Yourself, While Caring for Your Kids

Valuing the importance of taking care of yourself is a key element in successful parenting. This tips sheet can help by sharing some self-care essentials and keys to self-care.

Stressed Out!

Stressed Out! provides some practical tips on handling stress, including taking care of your body and mind, relaxation ideas, and creating a self care action plan. It also gives an overview of stress, including the history and physical and emotional symptoms.

The Journey of Forgiveness: Learning to Live a Life of Forgiveness

This tip sheet offers some practical advice on how to forgive and includes an example of an adoptive mom who was able to forgive a birth parent. The Journey of Forgiveness is a two-part series, along with Teaching Your Children How to Forgive.

Reaching Your Boiling Point

This tip sheet will help you to see when you’re “emotionally flooded” and can’t handle anymore, including some good tips on noticing and changing your breathing. It also gives advice for how to create a plan to relax before you get to your boiling point.

The Emotional Journey of Relative Caregiving

Many relative caregivers have said they just didn’t know how hard everything would be until the day came when they realized that they were now the “parent” to their relative’s children. Many also didn’t know that parenting again would bring them on a roller coaster of emotions and change the way they feel about everything, including their own definition of family. This tip sheet offers insight and comfort into some of the emotions you might be going through.

Self Care for Families

Self Care for Families is a quick read that has some good reminders for taking care of yourself for foster families.

Somebody To Lean On: Connecting With or Creating a Support Group

Adoptive parents may encounter additional parenting challenges. Children who were adopted experience such things as grief and loss, attachment issues, have trauma histories, or possibly other types of special needs. Turning to other adoptive parents can be enormously helpful in handling these types of parenting issues. Though every adoption story is a personal and individual experience, it can be reassuring to know that you are not alone in your adoption journey—that there are other families out

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