Getting Started

Fact or Fiction: Dispelling Common Myths About Adoption

Preparing yourself for adoption includes confronting the common myths that may misguide your intentions and expectations. Some myths discussed include adopting younger versus older, the expected behaviors depending on the age of the child, the timeliness of the process itself, and becoming a foster parent as a means to adopt an infant.

Helping Youth and Children in Care

When becoming a foster or an adoptive parent is NOT an option, there are many other ways to help children in the foster care system. Some ideas discussed include mentoring, recruiting other parents, providing respite, volunteering, and/or donating.

Adopting a Child from Another State

When considering adopting a child from another state, an additional process called Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is required in order to ensure the rights of children are protected when moving across state lines. This tip sheet discusses the ICPC process including its definition, origin, and purpose as to how it affects the children being placed, as well as the process families can expect.

Navigating Adoption in Military Families

The Department of Defense values service members’ decisions to adopt children and supports families during the adoption process. The adoption process specific to military families discussed in this tip sheet includes its benefits to children, challenges to overcome, the home study process, and adoption benefits for the entire family.

Navigating Resources

Foster parents and relative caregivers provide valuable support and service to children and family members on a continual basis; however, sometimes life can throw an unexpected curveball and caregivers find themselves needing some support services. Asking for help can be difficult for various reasons, but help is available. This tip sheet discusses ways to access information, locate community programs, how to ask for help, and lifting the weight off your shoulders.

Adoption Has No Age Limits: Adult Adoptions

In Wisconsin, adoptions can occur at any age, and an adult adoption creates a life-long connection for the adult adoptee. Considering that we spend most of our lives as adults, adult adoptions are important and worth discussing. This tip sheet discusses the importance of formalizing the adult-child relationship, the legal process, and the need to belong.

Creating a Legal Family Through Stepparent Adoption

The formation of a legal family is the biggest benefit of stepparent adoption. If your family is thinking about pursuing a stepparent adoption, this tip sheet provides helpful information that explains the steps for stepfamily adoption, such as contacting an attorney and an adoption agency, terminating birth parent rights, and petitioning court. Also discussed are the benefits of stepparent adoption and questions to help guide a family discuss on whether stepparent adoption is right for your fam

Is Adoption or Guardianship a Better Fit?

Adoption and guardianship have some similarities; however, adoption is permanent and requires the termination of birth parent rights. Guardianship can be reversed and often dissolves when the child becomes an adult. This tip sheet further defines adoption and guardianship and discusses the benefits and challenges of each option.

Preparing the Kids in Your Home for Fostering

In addition to parents worrying about the adjustments they will have to make when a child in care enters their home, the children already in the home will have to face big changes to their daily life and their family structure as they know it. Some children will adjust with ease, while others will feel a level of anxiety and fear about what’s to come. This tip sheet will help educate your family in how to prepare for fostering and identify ways to find support and addressing safety.

What to Do While You Wait

Families in the process of fostering or adopting experience a host of emotions and feelings. But, perhaps the hardest part of the whole process is the waiting - waiting to complete the home study, waiting for the right match, waiting to finalize the adoption. This tip sheet identifies things you can focus on while you wait: building a support network, preparing your home, researching what you can about the child, and taking care of yourself and your family.

Is Building My Family through Adoption Right for Me?

Parenting in general is the most challenging and rewarding job one can have. Parenting a child through adoption creates additional challenges due to issues of grief and loss. If you are thinking about whether or not adoption is a good fit for your family, this tip sheet will provide helpful ideas to keep in mind as you process your decision. Some things discussed include grief and loss issues, the characteristics of successful adoptive parents, as well as highlighting different scenarios to cons

Is Fostering a Good Fit for Us?

There are several things to consider when making the decision to foster a child. Fostering comes with many challenges, but is also very rewarding. Involving your children in the decision making process and having an open dialog about the different elements of foster care is important. Some of the elements discussed in this tip sheet include the purpose of foster care, the types of kids in foster care, time frames, the emotional and behavior problems that may exist, expectations, and supervision

How do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

Now that you have decided to build your family through adoption, an important first step to make is choosing the right adoption agency. This tip sheet will provide you with the tools needed to make an informed decision that you feel confident about. Ideas discussed include researching the different adoption agencies, getting advice and recommendations from support groups and other adoptive parents, and highlighting specific questions to ask in order to feel comfortable about the process going fo

Checklist for International Travel

The day you and your family have been waiting for has finally arrived and you are about to embark on an international trip to bring home your adopted child. There are several things to consider when preparing for an international trip. This tip sheet discusses several ways to make your travels safe and more enjoyable such as what to become educated about, different travel tips, items not to forget, and how to keep yourself safe from bacterial and viral infections.

Getting Started as a Relative or Kinship Caregiver

It can be very distressing and confusing to learn that a child you are related to has entered foster care due to a situation of abuse or neglect in their home. If you are looking to become a caregiver for the child, here is where to begin.

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